About me


I was born in Athens, Greece in 1972.


I studied interior design and sound engineering.


I attended Asian painting classes in S. Korea.


I call my artworks Ink-writings as I use exclusively Indian ink with pen and acrylic inks(for the colour) for my work on canvas or simple pen or inks on paper.


I have several individual exhibitions to my credit, I have taken part in many group exhibions and alternative projects.


My works are in private collections in Greece and abroad.


Through my works I express the invisible but nevertheless existing. That is, the essential connection with our higher self and the universe, which come into daily conflict with our beliefs and the programming we have learned to live with. The feelings created by the external factors but also the awareness of who I am.

I believe that the real artist is connected to the universe when they create and that only as an observer, one can realise that things are quite different than what they seem to be.

I only use Indian ink with pen on canvas because the level of difficulty is a challenge to me and the feeling is magical.

I call my works ink-writings and it suits me perfectly as beyond the obvious, it also includes my perspective on our existence and the purpose of life. And the purpose of life is to live in abundance on all levels.

Abundance of joy, health, prosperity and creativity as we are the only true creators of our reality.